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मुंबईची राणी

"Time spent in nature is time spent in realising that you don't know it all and that you  never will...!!!"                             - Quote by Unknown
Huge respect for you nature for taking me under your shelter...!!!

Reintroduction of Big Cat in India...!!!

Since last two decades wildlife activists demanding reintroduction of Cheetah in India and as  I am quite enthusiastic about Big Cat family, I started searching feasibility of this idea.          India was home of 6 out of 8 big cats including Cheetah till last century. Cheetah is the first mammal to got extinct in India in last thousands years.          Process of elimination of Cheetah was started much before 14th or 15th century.Persons from royal families killed hundreds of Cheetah for entertainment purpose. Last cheetah was hunted in India by Pratap Singh of Sarguja state in 1947 and officially declared as extinct in 1952.           There are some interesting stories about some royal personal like Akbar and King Shahu of Kolhapur who used to maintain friendly relationship with cheetah. Also they used cheetah for hunting of blackbuck, rabbits.            In 2000 India started negotiations with Iran for collecting tissue of cheetah which could be used for cloning. Also In…

एक कविता एका सुंदर कवितेसाठी

To my favourite actress Spruha 😍