Sword of Queen

          When you think about 1857 revolt in British India one face definately surges in our hearts that is Rani Laxmi Bai...!!Her courage,her sacrifices, her dedication and her famous pic with little kid Damodar rao, the adopted son.
          There are so many serials on life of Rani Laxmi Bai. Last month movie was released named Manikarnika  also based on life of Queen. In that movie character played by Ankita Lokhande putted light on life of Jhalkari Bai...one of the prominent advisor of Rani Laxmibai..!!! 
          Jhalkari Bai was born in 22 November 1830 in small village of Uttar Pradesh.She was determined to become soldier in army of Jhasi kingdom from very early age. Her training was so brutal that British officers also impressed by her at that time. 
         She was famous for her hunting skills. As she had command oh weapons once she killed wild Leopard. People from Jhasi remembered this moment for hunting of Leopard by a Tigress...!!!Stories of Jhalkari were on tip of tongue of children.
      Her position in Rani Laxmibais court was at high position as she was considered as shadow of Laxmibai.She herself led a group of women soldiers named  Durga dal. She holded command of Jhasi fort in 1857 freedom movement till last breath. 
         Her husband was also fearless soldier. He also fought in 1867 battle and became martyred.Jhalkari fought with top aggressiveness even after her husband's death. I think for the first time British got to know about how wounded tigress fight..!!!!       Following her husband's steps she also sacrified life for Jhansi. Jhalkari was not only prominent for history of Jhasi but also for Dalits also as she was born in Dalit family. I am mentioning her castle because she  led Jhansi in period when Dalits were given little importance in decision making. 
We knew only about queen of Jhansi but Bundelkhand still remembering  the Real Sword of Queen through local folks...
“Macha Jhansi mein ghamasan, chahun aur machee kilkari thee,
Angrezon se loha lenein, ran mein kudee Jhalkari thee”


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